Hey, what’s Jerod Mayo doing with Aerosmith? (image via pepsianthems.com)

Aerosmith’s new album, Music From Another Dimension!, comes out on November 6. The lead single is a song called “Legendary Child.” It’s bad. Now they’ve tweaked said bad single to be about the Patriots (because they’re from Boston, remember) and renamed it “Legendary Child – Patriots Anthem.”

It’s an affront to all things holy in the world. Listen to it:

That is what my beloved New England Patriots are supposed to come out of the Gillette Stadium tunnel to now? Oy vey.

“The muskets roar, another score, that’s how we get it done/Raise your fist and shout it out, the Pats are number one,” Steven Tyler howls over some cheese rock guitars and boom BAP boom BAP drums. While lyrically this is very much a sentiment I can support, the package in which it comes is straight corn on the cob.

The thing is part of the Pepsi Anthems project, a round up of artists performing songs about their favorite football teams. I didn’t listen to the others, but judging by some of the artists in the lineup (Lenny Kravitz, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Wiz Khalifa), I can safely assume I don’t at all care about it. But if you do, click the link thingy in the first sentence and hear for yourself how peddling pepsi has made your favorite team lame. As you were.