If getting Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to invest $500,000 wasn’t enough, Boston University senior Daniel Gnecco now has another $7,500 in seed money coming his way. His company, KontrolTV, has just won Boston University’s $50K New Venture Competition, according to the school’s Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization.

Through KontrolTV, users will be able to connect their television experience with their social activity via their mobile devices, allowing for their friends to see what they’re watching on TV in real time. Gnecco founded the company with his father, Juan Pablo Gnecco, and Alan Queen, an engineer from Gnecco’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

The judging panel included Lou Volpe, managing partner at Kodiak Venture Partners; Charles Lax, managing general partner at GrandBanks Capital; Eugene Hill, managing partner at SV Life Sciences; and David Verrill, founder of the Hub Angels Investment Group.

Second place was awarded to Boston University alum Michael Adelizzi, who’s working on Stabiliz Orthopaedics. Based in Philadelphia, the company is focused on developing innovative orthopaedic medical devices for the treatment of traumatic bone fractures. Adelizzi has been working with his colleagues Douglas Cerynik and Bradley Grossman on the project, and together they’ve developed a hybrid metallic-resorbable plate and screw system that allows surgeons to customize the healing process. Using their product, patients could eliminate the need for future surgeries and reduce their overall health costs.

City Fuel Company, led by MBA candidate Diego Torres-Palma and MIT graduate Matthew Pearlson, came in third place. Converting new and used vegetable oils into fuels and chemicals, City Fuel Company plans to put Massachusetts “at the leading edge of renewable energy and transportation technology.”

Congratulations to all the teams who competed!