They were lifting in the gym every day, but were still on the hunt for supplements that would make them “get big and look lean.” After finding a combination that worked, they headed to their local vitamin store, realizing the magic antidote would cost them $145 — and that was for just a one-month supply. Tired of breaking the bank and getting ripped off, they started looking for ways to save themselves money. That’s when Campus Protein was born.

Started by four friends from home, who now attend Boston University and Indiana University, Campus Protein is a web platform that allows students to purchase brand-name supplements and vitamins at a price that aligns with their budget. The team offers free same-day delivery, providing an added level of convenience, and Chief Marketing Officer Tarun Singh admits they’ve already been urged to spread to neighboring schools, including UMass, Harvard, Boston College and Northeastern.

The team recently won Boston University’s Terrier Trap $1K Competition, and Singh says they took the advice they learned and applied it to Indiana University’s Building Entrepreneurs in Software and Technology (BEST) Competition. It was there they were awarded with $100,000, which Singh claims they’ll use to re-design their website and mobile app.

“Our goal is to help students learn about these products and more importantly to promote fitness,” Singh says. “Lately fitness is basically embedded in the college culture, and we think we bring something unique to the table to help students all around the nation.”

Following the BEST Competition, CEO of Luceo Solutions Mary Delaney, said in a press release, “We have high expectations for the four companies we’ve selected, and we feel they are positioned for success. It will be fun to watch them grow and change.”

Campus Protein has already begun seeing growth. So keep your strapped-for-cash eyes peeled as they get ready to roll out on other campuses.