It is rare that a winter snow storm of this magnitude truly lives up to its hype. But Winter Storm Nemo told us it would be dropping more than two feet of snow on Boston and, well, it did. (And it’s still snowing.) There are some amazing photos of the Hub before and after being buried, but if you want a totally different perspective, check out the time-lapse video below, the product of a camera snapping a photo every 15 seconds in Southie for nearly 24 hours.

2013 Boston Blizard from Andrew Dobos on Vimeo.

That amazing video is courtesy of Andrew Dobos, 31, who’s a communications consultant for a global PR firm living in South Boston. Dobos and his husband were living in Washington, D.C. when a major blizzard hit there in 2010.

“I remember thinking at the time I wished that I’d caught the progression of the storm,” Dobos told me, “so when the opportunity for a do-over presented itself I decided to jump on it.”

Dobos told me he’s never done a time-lapse video like this before, but armed with his Canon Rebel XTi he was able to figure it out fairly intuitively.

The result is incredible. As jaw-dropping as some of the photos from the storm are, it’s different entirely to actually see the storm develop from nothing into a full-fledged blizzard of potentially historic proportions. Already, areas in the state are reporting almost two and a half feet of snow.

If you’ve got Nemo pics or videos of your own, post them to our Facebook page, tweet them @BostInno using the hashtag #BostInnoSnow or send them via email to We’ll be sure to keep the slideshow updated as Nemo continues to make its presence felt here in Massachusetts.

Stay safe out there, people. And have a happy, relaxing snow day!