Ten years after it was founded, Boston telehealth company American Well finally has its own chief technology officer, as well as a new floor at its State Street headquarters dedicated to engineering, as well as research and development.

American Well announced on Tuesday that Jon Freshman, a longtime company executive who joined in 2007, has been appointed CTO, a role that will have him oversee the company’s three technology arms: R&D, technical services and quality assurance. Freshman was most recently the vice president of R&D and led the team behind the company’s new AW9 product, which includes Multiway Video for joint doctor appointments, and a software development kit that lets healthcare companies integrate telehealth capabilities into existing systems.

As to why Freshman was given the expanded role now, Freshman told BostInno that “growing our number of customers and the number of visits on our telehealth platform” is a key factor.

“It’s critical that we align the American Well business vision and strategy across R&D, quality assurance, and technical services,” he added. “In my new role as CTO, overseeing these three arms of our technology creation, I’m able to provide centralized leadership to the different engineering disciplines.”

Freshman said American Well has been growing across its business-to-business and business-to-consumer segments, but a major revenue driver has been the more than 40 health system partners who have the company’s telehealth software built into its system. He said the company is also seeing a greater demand for its telemedicine kiosks, which are being used by large employers to make it easier for patients to have a doctor visit over video while still at work.

With a rapid expansion of customers, Freshman said there has been greater demand from the engineering and R&D teams to work on the various and new use cases that have emerged for telehealth programs. “The different use cases lead to a lot of different product behaviors and different sets of integrations with of customers, whether it be clinical data exchange, on the fly patient registration, or the ability to handle integration with scheduling platforms,” he added.

To enable a more collaborative and agile working environment for R&D and engineering, Freshman said the company decided to expand onto a fourth floor at its State Street headquarters that would be dedicated to those teams. The company has been constantly adding new employees, with a total number of 270 and plans to reach north of 300 by the end of the year.

Here are a few photos from American Well’s new engineering floor:

Photos provided by American Well.