Last week, Clear Channel Outdoor erected this “Countdown to Ray Lewis’ Retirement Party” billboard on Rte. 495 in Lawrence, MA:

I hated its “jinx potential” so much I couldn’t bring myself to write about it. I didn’t want to draw any more attention to it than it already got. Who knows what kind of effect the billboard had on the absolute dud the Pats put up Sunday or the exceptionally strong game the Ravens put forth, but theres no way it helped us. It was all over ESPN. Ray Lewis and the football Monstars absolutely saw it and probably had it plastered on the inside of their helmets.

After Sunday, Clear Channel then changed the billboard to this:

I understand they needed to do this as a company, but not as Patriots fans. As much as I desperately wanted the first billboard to disappear from existence, since when do we have to explain our swagger? Sorry for having confidence after making it to the Super Bowl every damn year…? Whatever, Clear Channel had to do it or risk being mocked (even more) outside of Patriots Nation, but I digress…

Now, the Baltimore Ravens have erected a response of their own:

Ok, Ravens, but why the hell would we want to go to Ray Lewis’ retirement party, anyway? We all know what happens at parties Ray Lewis attends. People get stabbed, people die, evidence magically disappears, nobody goes to jail, and families get settlement packages.

So, more power to you, Ravens, but maybe you should change that last line to “Anyone who values their life not invited.”