Boston has produced some of the country’s, and the world’s, most prolific artists. Spanning a variety of eras over a bevy of mediums, the art produced here in Boston, and those towns equally representative of the city, continue to blaze new trails when it comes to pleasing the eye of their beholders. And some of the most renowned art with ties to Boston could soon be put on display nationwide in the form of billboards.

An initiative called Art Everywhere US is narrowing hundreds of famous prints, photos, portraits and paintings down to 50, in hopes of celebrating the masterpieces in the same fashion that Americans digest traditional billboard advertising. According to the website, “the movement for art to be seen everywhere is inspired by Art Everywhere founder, Richard Reed, who first produced Art Everywhere UK.”

Five world-renowned art museums in the U.S.  – the Art Institute of Chicago, the Dallas Museum of Art, LACMA, the National Gallery of Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art –contributed works to be considered for inclusion. And of their art, several have ties to Boston.

“I think part of the idea behind the whole project is to put art in unexpected places and encourage those double-takes,” Jeff Levine, the Whitney Museum’s chief communications officer told Fast Co.Exist. “I have this image of driving on Route 66 in a convertible and seeing a Georgia O’Keefe billboard.”

I mean, does anyone ever look at a billboard and think about how perfectly crafted and intricate it is? And who doesn’t want the chance to be inspired by timeless pieces, for free no less?

Voting for the top 50 artwork displays was open to the public, but has now closed. Officials for the project will announce the finalists on June 20.

To view the more than 100 pieces of art up for selection, you can take a look at the entire gallery here.