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Old manufacturing equipment hangs over a section of Athenahealth’s sales area.

When you walk onto Athenahealth’s ($ATHN) Arsenal on the Charles campus in Watertown, it feels like its own distinct village, with buildings of all sizes, plenty of green space, three restaurants and, well, the thousands of people that work there.

Athenahealth, a Tech Madness 2016 finalist, is one of the country’s largest providers for healthcare records and billing software. Most recently, the company scored a deal with a major hospital for the first time, Fortune reported earlier this year. That deal, with the University of Toledo Medical Center, signals the company’s plan to move into larger hospitals, helping them integrate their healthcare systems so that records can be accessed across various providers. 

Athenahealth ended the 2015 fiscal year with $924.7 million in total revenue, a 23-percent increase over the previous year that was driven by a large boost in the company’s Athenahealth-branded bookings, along the onboardings of a record 13,067 providers. Those results were detailed in the company’s Q4 2015 financial results, which came out in early February.

“Our network has grown to serve more than 75,000 providers, 38 million patients, and 98,000 information trading partners. Notably, our network has touched over 74 million patients over the years,” Jonathan Bush, chairman and CEO of athenahealth, said at the time. “… As our market reach grows to more fully serve the care continuum, so will the intelligence and value of the network for all care organizations who are on it.”

On its Watertown campus, Athenahealth employs 1,945 people across 760,000 square feet in seven different buildings. And it certainly seems to be on a hiring streak, with dozens of job openings listed for the Watertown location alone.

Back in 2012, the company signed a $168.5 million to acquire to buy the entire campus from Harvard, which, at the time, signaled its commitment to grow there. As we have previously reported, the campus had been a storage and manufacturing facilty where thousands of employees assembled weapons through the end of World War II. 

The architect behind the Arsenal on the Charles is Charles Rose Architects.

So how has Athenahealth settled in since expanding to the rest of the campus? BostInno was recently given a campus to give you a look.