Police in Aurora, Colorado have evacuated a five block radius around the apartment of James Holmes, the suspected shooter in a killing spree during a Dark Knight Rises screening that left 12 people dead and 38 wounded. Holmes told police officers as he was arrested after the Aurora Shooting that he had a cache of explosives stored in his apartment. A spokesman confirmed that bomb disposal units have discovered “sophisticated” explosives booby-trapped within the “disturbing” apartment. Below are photos from James Holmes’ apartment and the scene around the Aurora Shooting.

James Holmes Apartment Photos:

Holmes, 24, was taken into custody after being discovered in his car in the parking lot behind the Century 16 theater in Aurora. He did not resist arrest and alluded to the presence of explosives in his apartment, but authorities say he is not cooperating at this time. As you can see in the photos above, FBI agents and police are approaching Holmes’ apartment with extreme caution.

Preliminary investigations into Holmes’ apartment revealed a grim labyrinth of chemical and incendiary explosives, along with buckets of ammunition.”It’s pretty disturbing. It looks sophisticated in terms of how it’s booby trapped,” Aurora police chief Dan Oates told reporters Friday. Because of the devices, Oakes said that it may be “days” before the apartment, and surrounding area, are secure and safe.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Oakes confirmed that Holmes was not on any kind of watch list, his only run-in with the police was for a speeding ticket, and he is in no way connected to the military.

What we do know about Holmes is that he was pursuing his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Colorado. He dropped out approximately one month ago for unknown reasons.

Holmes entered the Aurora theatre via the emergency exit, threw smoke and tear grenades into the crowd, then began firing with an assault rifle, two pistols, and a shotgun.

More Photos from the Theater Shooting: