The Codeship team (courtesy of the company)


Big news for a handful of venture-backed tech startups from Boston at Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent 2014 conference (aka AWS re:Invent).

Codeship announced that its continuous deployment service—which enables faster changes to cloud-based software—is one of just a handful of developer tools currently integrated with AWS CodeDeploy, a brand-new service announced by Amazon at the conference this week. AWS CodeDeploy “allows you to continuously deploy updates and reduces software delivery time,” and according to Amazon; Codeship, GitHub and CircleCI are among the eight developer tools currently integrated with AWS CodeDeploy. (Codeship offers a technical explanation of the integration here.)

As for the second local startup with news, CloudBees—which also offers a continuous deployment platform—will be among two additional developer tools integrated with AWS CodeDeploy soon, according to Amazon. (Update: Since posting this I’ve learned that CloudBees has moved its headquarters to the San Francisco Bay area.)

Finally, local cybersecurity startup Threat Stack also announced at the conference that its product is out of beta. The product—which works with AWS—aims to address security and privacy needs associated with cloud applications, according to the company. Users “can add additional layers of security to protect their cloud-based servers against intrusions and data loss,” Threat Stack said.