Babson College is welcoming a new entreprenuer to campus. Following the footsteps of FUBU founder and host of ABC’s Shark Tank, Daymond John, is the man behind Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern. Standing in as the school’s latest Entreprenuer-in-Residence, Zimmern will be serving up knowledge, expertise and his James Beard Award-winning personality to the students, faculty and staff.

Through his show, Zimmern’s been able to explore food cultures in more than 32 different countries, having hands-on experience collaborating with food innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world. He’ll be working directly with the Lewis Institute’s Social Innovation Lab on campus, as well as the Lab’s Food Sol, an “action tank” focused on innovation in the food system.

“A great storyteller, Zimmern motivates and activates people by recounting the stories of food entrepreneurs he has encountered in dramatically diverse communities all over the world,” said Babson President Len Schlesinger in a press release. “He highlights out-of-the-ordinary cuisine from traditional recipes passed down through generations, as well as modern dishes resulting from innovation. At the same time, he underscores how ordinary people are taking actions to solve food-related problems.  Some may not regard themselves as entrepreneurs, but they have developed innovations for feeding communities and have energized local economies in breakthrough ways.”

Zimmern will arrive on campus February 6th at 2:30 p.m., kicking off his new role with an event called “Bizarre Foods — Babson Edition.” Open to the public, the event will not only introduce Zimmern to the community, but will allow him to share observations from his work uncovering new and unusual food cultures. For those interested in participating in the event, they can register here.

Aside from the show, Zimmern’s also served as a contributing editor for Food & Wine Magazine, as well as a corporate and product spokesperson for big-name brands like Target, Pepto-Bismol, Toyota and Travel Leaders.

Personally, we’re interested to see if he’ll unearth anything interesting and unusual in the Babson Dining Hall. Guess we’ll need to keep following him on Twitter to find out.