Alright, the jig is up; you can stop feigning annoyance now. We all know you’ve fallen head-over-nerdy-heels in love with the words, “Back to school.” You’ve bought your textbooks, started scoping out startups and have already watched this JCPenney’s back to school commercial at least two dozen times.

So, what’s next? Apps. You wouldn’t think of stepping foot inside your dormitory without some new downloads, would you? Of course not — unless you wanted to be totally unprepared. So, for those who like their ducks in a row, we’ve got you covered. Why visit a crowded mall when you can just shop at the App Store for your back to school needs instead?

EvernoteFree — Hate lugging around your laptop? Evernote is the perfect solution. Any note, web clip, file or image you save can be made available on any device you use, from an iPhone to an iPad, or even your home computer. The app allows users to create notes, clip webpages, store PDFs and snap photos, all while using tags to organize the content into various notebooks. Perfect for group projects, you can use Evernote to share files with friends, as well as create schedules and to-do lists.

iStudiez Pro99 Cents — Yet, for those who need even more help managing their hectic schedules, iStudiez Pro is the ideal digital assistant. Students can track their course load, lectures, due dates, grades and GPA. They can also sort assignments by date and priority, and synchronize their data between all of their iOS and Mac devices. With the touch of a finger, you can get a full overview of the classes you need to attend and what you need to prepare for them.

Grades 2Free — The students who rely on their grades to keep their scholarships intact will love this app. Grades 2 shows students what they need to score on their upcoming assignments, tests and finals in order to land the grade they need. Not only that, the app also highlights due dates and is home to a handy GPA calculator.

Graphing Calculator Free — Here’s another kind of calculator every student is likely to need. Considering the app is free, and the law of sines is never easy to remember, why not just download it? After all, a graphing calculator has to be more fun to look at than… Personal FinanceFree — …your personal finances, right? As much as we all hate balancing our checkbooks, Mint has received fairly positive reviews from BostInno’s own Lisa DeCanio. Not only does Mint help you keep track of how you spend your money, but it also tells you when to pay your bills and how to save. Using the Mint app, you can also create budgets while on the go and split a single transaction into multiple categories, which is handy when you’re taking trips to Target. The more money you save, the easier it will be to pay off those student loans.

AroundCampusFree — AroundCampus complements Mint perfectly. Available on both the Android Market and in the App Store, AroundCampus is a college specific coupon app. What it does, is use your phone’s GPS to locate the nearest university deals. The app also provides fingertip access to local business phone numbers and websites, and even allows users to share coupons via Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Boston still has some bulking up to do, but some deals are better than no deals, right?

Dictionary.comFree — If you’re going to download any sort of dictionary app, use the one from Not only is it free, but it also provides full mobile access to, which is incredibly useful when you’re trying to write your final papers and have used “to be” one too many times.

JoeyTrackerFree — For anyone who goes to Tufts, the JoeyTracker is a must. Designed by student Jake Jarvis, the iPhone app helps students determine the location of the university’s closest Joey shuttle and the time left until it arrives at their current location. The app also includes a map of the area, as well as the Joey schedule, allowing users to locate shuttles’ positions even easier.

Don’t go to Tufts? Then check out this list of MBTA apps that will ensure you never miss your bus, or show up late to class, ever again.

DrinklyFree — You need to have some fun, too. And because of that, there’s Drinkly — the app that dishes out all the rules behind 35 of your favorite drinking games, including flip cup, quarters and Edward 40-Hands.