Bring the “essentials,” they say. Skip lugging the unnecessary gizmos, whatchamacallits and thingamajigs up those five flights of spiral stairs and save space for those roommates of yours who mumble incoherent nothings in their sleep. You don’t need a flying alarm clock, vacuum cleaning robot or a miniature wine cellar anyway.

…Wait. Why wouldn’t you want 16 bottles of vino chilled at the ideal temperature, on-hand and ready to be uncorked at the drop of a Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Sunday Funday or any other fake weekday holiday that ends in “Y”?

Skip the dorm “essentials” this year, and focus on the must-have tech gadgets that will not only make your move back to campus bearable, but have you looking a heck of a lot more hip. Who needs another pair of those $1 Old Navy flip flops anyway?


With every kick, the kinetic energy of this Harvard-born soccer ball’s movement is converted into stored electrical energy. Roughly 30 minutes of play is enough to provide up to three hours of light, and has turned a popular pastime in developing countries into a useful activity. President Obama approves. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pre-order the SOCCKET, but the tech is worth the wait. (Price: $60.00)

Griffin PowerDock5

This puppy promises to take up about the same amount of room as a single iPad, but lets you charge up to five iOS devices at one time—all from a single power source. Just forget the fact you will, one day, be buried in $26,000 of student loan debt when you decide to buy five iOS devices. (Price: $99.99)

myCharge Peak 6000

Need to charge your electronics on-the-go? This portable, slender vision of beauty can charge up to three devices at once, and features dual USB slots, as well as an Apple iOS connector and an integrated AC prong, so you can plug it into the wall when necessary. The battery is expected to power a typical smartphone about four times. (Price: $77.67)

Double Sided Binocular Flask

This gadget may make your roommates wonder if you’re peeping on unsuspecting victims in their sleep, but it’s the easiest way to hide booze from them, considering they still owe you for the last bottle they downed while you were away. And because the flask is double sided, you can store whiskey and wine in there. Just, please, use this to drink responsibly and legally—not to annoy us on the MBTA. (Price: $13.00)

Virtual Keyboard

Compatible with the iPhone and iPad, this keyboard features a full QWERTY layout and a rechargeable battery that’s able to last for roughly 150 minutes. Charge via USB, use your finger as a mouse and prepare to look like an absolute badass. (Price: $161.99)

Spinnaker Bluetooth Speaker System

Sure, this bluetooth system is expensive, but that’s the price you have to pay for slick, sweet-looking shark speakers. The sound quality has also been touted as “excellent,” making you the ultimate party host. (Price: $279.99)

OnHand Band

This Babson-developed USB flash drive is stylishly convenient and can save you from losing all 20 pages of your hastily written assigned “deep dive” into “Moby Dick.” (Price: $18.95 for 4GB, $23.95 for 8GB)

Ostrich Pillow

Power nap anywhere at anytime. This plush, pillowy haven is designed to offer “a micro environment in which to take a cosy and comfortable” nap without ever needing to leave your desk, chair or seat in the back row of that contemporary ethics class. Looks silly, but darn welcoming. (Price: $99.00)