For all its incredible beer and general swagger when it comes to its drinking prowess, Boston Proper doesn’t have a whole lot of true craft breweries that call it home. You’ve got Harpoon and Sam Adams, of course. And Trillium, though the bulk of their operation is in Canton now. And most recently, our friends at Dorchester Brewing Co.

In regards to the $1,000 perk where I’ll get your name tattooed on my ass, I’m 100% serious.

And … that’s it. Further still, of those, just two – Harpoon and DBCo. – feature full-pour taprooms.

For a town as steeped in drinking history as ours, not a whole lot of beer is actually made here.

Backlash Beer Co. is set to change that, announcing today a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to get the the final funds needed to open a new brewery and taproom in the heart of Roxbury, slated for summer of 2017.

“For the past 5 years, we’ve worked really hard to earn the trust of our customers, prove we’re serious about quality, and create a powerful brand,” co-founder Helder Pimentel told me. “The timing just seems perfect to take a leap of faith.”

Backlash is asking for $30,000, a modest sum when it comes to the high overhead of getting a brewery off the ground. Pimentel told me the total cost of the project is over a $1 million, but they’ve raised the other funds already, from a Small Business Association loan, a small equity round and help from friends and family.

“$30,000 is pretty modest, but we just need it to put the finishing touches on the taproom. We have enough financing to cover the rest,” he said.

A drone’s-eye-view of the Roxbury location for Backlash’s new taproom and brewery.

Of course, with 21 days left in the campaign, it’s entirely possible they’ll blow that goal out of the water. Especially when we’re talking about bringing a brewery to an old piano factory from the 1800s, in a part of town that hasn’t before had such an enjoyable amenity.

“We’ve always wanted to have a place where people could come and experience Backlash first hand,” Pimentel said of the new spot at 152 Hampden St. “The location in Roxbury is just perfect; it’s an amazing location in the heart of Boston with a ton of great character. We’ve always considered ourselves a Boston company, and all of our roots are here.”

Backlash has been contract brewing for the past five years, perfecting now-popular offerings like Ricochet IPA and their Groundswell Belgian. With the advent of their own brewery, they plan to add a sour beer and barrel-aging program and increase their current production from 1,000 barrels per year to upwards of 5,000.

As for the taproom, expect a casual atmosphere with plenty of local music and art. It’ll be dog-friendly, too. Because their mascot, a bulldog named Stout, wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re tempted to contribute to the campaign, as I will, know the crew at Backlash is offering “a cornucopia of kickass rewards.” Like “The Collective” Membership, which for $15o gets you a bunch of fancy swag and beer and first dibs on entry to all their events for a year. Or for $100 you can have your name engraved on a brick of one of the brewery’s walls. Fancy a stool with your name on it? Sure, $300 and it’s all yours.

Oh, and for $1,000, Pimentel will tattoo your name on his ass.

I say this, because I asked him point blank if he’d really do that.

“100% I will,” he said. (Update: His ass is no longer for sale. But the other founder’s is.)

Here’s the quirky and fun  video for Backlash’s Indiegogo campaign. Enjoy. 

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