Boston University students might think they’re sitting in solitude, eating their breakfast alone in the dining hall, but one group of sophomores could be lurking around the corner, waiting to capture a specific piece of produce on camera.

The Facebook page Banana University has recently surfaced, along with an accompanying Tumblr and Twitter account. Self-described as, “Have you ever seen the movie Accepted? We’re like that but with more bananas,” the site features students, unsurprisingly, eating bananas.

Call it a crazy obsession with potassium, or just a suggestive, silly side project, but the secretive sophomores behind the banana-crazed blog say “no one looks flattering eating a banana,” hence why they started the site in the first place.

Although anonymous, the page has received “an extremely positive response from the BU community,” according to the students behind it. While a couple have requested their photos be removed, dozens of other students have started sending images in of their own.

“We are super appreciative of a lot of our supporters who, from the beginning, showed more enthusiasm for the page than we could have possibly expected,” said Banana University.

Of course, first seeing your photo being spread on social media can be a bit unsettling.

“When I saw my picture on Banana University, I was at first confused, because I’d never seen that Facebook thread before and was wondering who would even take a picture of me eating a banana,” said Boston University student Joyce Kim. “I felt a bit offended and embarrassed at first when I saw the picture, but then got over it because the photo was already up there and there was nothing I could do about it.”

The Banana University team assures students shouldn’t feel nervous about eating bananas around campus. “If they do feel uncomfortable, we are more than happy to remove their picture,” they said. “If anything, the added risk should make eating bananas more exciting.”

Is that so? How excited to the 10 students below look? Well, actually, pretty excited.