In 1991, Harvard Law School was a place where the diversity of campus life challenged students to question their assumptions, listen to other viewpoints and articulate their values in a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance, or so wrote Barack Obama. A copy of the school’s yearbook was recently for sale on eBay, providing a vintage view of the president from his time attending school in Cambridge.

The seller first listed the item for sale on July 17th, providing scanned images of Obama and the “Student Profile” he wrote (below). The asking price was $495. I say the seller should have upped the ante to $595, though, and thrown in some face time with the president. Who wouldn’t want to hear more about those glory days straight from the source?

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed unearthed a video from when Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, showing his support for the university’s first tenured black professor, Derrick Bell. As the first black president of the publication, Obama was looked at as a major figure on campus. And little did his friends know when they joked about him being “the first black president,” he actually would be.

For a look at Obama and the 1991 Harvard Law School yearbook, check out the photos from eBay. I have to admit, in his student profile picture, Obama is looking rather snazzy. Way to be hip, Mr. President.