Fort Point has gone through a dramatic transformation in just the past few years. While previously, there were limited restaurants and bars in the area, new businesses have been rapidly cropping up in the ‘hood. So for startups that are based there, there is an array of options to choose from for lunchtime grub and happy hour drinks.

Now the question is, what are their favorite spots to hit after a long day at the office?

Tavern Road

343 Congress Street

CoachUp founder Jordan Fliegel says this is one of his team’s top picks. And Paul English calls the Moscow Mule at Tavern Road his new go-to drink. “Be sure to get it in a copper mug,” he says.

Bastille Kitchen

49 Melcher Street

Paul English loves the downstairs bar at this French bistro (which used to be a factory), and says Blade people can often be found there after work.

Blue Dragon

324 A Street

“I swear by Blue Dragon’s Chicken Salad with Hot Mustard Dressing,” says Daniel Heller, founder of the social startup The Welcoming Committee.

Kimberly Lombard, WeWork’s Associate Community Manager also cited Ming Tsai’s restaurant as a common pick for after-work Dragon Bowls or other innovative cocktails.


241 A Street

Lombard says the WeWork Fort Point team likes to hang at this bar for a more casual pub feel but incredible food. “Beef short rib mac & cheese—need I say more?”

Lucky’s Lounge

355 Congress Street

CoachUp’s office happens to be right above Lucky’s, so you can definitely expect to spy their staff hanging out here frequently. Crowdly is also located above it, so the team says this is the obvious choice. Their favorite menu item? The grilled cheese with tomato bisque. Fun fact: This is also where the Appcues co-founders celebrated their funding at the end of last year.

Row 34

383 Congress St

Fliegel says this restaurant has quickly become a top choice for CoachUp, and Crowdly likes it as well for fresh seafood, great beers on tap, and ideal ambiance.

Image of Fort Point skyline via Shutterstock.