I live in Beacon Hill, so naturally, I spend a lot of my time hanging out on Charles Street. After wandering up and down the street for two years, popping in and out of the antique shops, trendy boutiques and not one, but two Starbucks locations, I had assumed I had done everything there was to do on Charles Street.

That is, until I was invited to try Beacon Hill Bistro, a few weeks ago. It’s amazing to me how I had bypassed this cozy spot just off Beacon Street month after month.

The atmosphere inside Beacon Hill Bistro is both warm and sleek, featuring long rows of comfy booths and cool stainless steel clipboard menus. Matching the décor, the waitstaff is also warm, and owners Peter and Cecilia Rait can be found circling the floor, greeting guests like old neighbors (most of which probably are).

We settled into a corner booth and ordered a selection of hearty food suitable for the cold weather, including a charcuterie board, lobster risotto, duck confit leg, steak frites and our overwhelmingly favorite dish of the evening, Gnocchi Parisienne with roasted pumpkin, sage ricotta, brussels sprout leaves and braised chicken thigh.

As I’ve said before, gnocchi is pretty heavy for my taste, but the version at Beacon Hill Bistro was light and fluffy. The roasted pumpkin made the dish feel seasonal without being over the top, and the sage was reminiscent of sausage, even though there was so sausage in the dish.

With that meal, I can safely say that the North End is slowly getting knocked off my list as having the best gnocchi in town.

For dessert, skip the JP Lick’s down the street, and opt for the house-made ice cream and sorbet flavors at Beacon Hill Bistro. Try the pumpkin if it’s on the menu – it’s phenomenal.

The food reviewed in this post was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.