Emerson College’s Social Media Class isn’t the only one trying to lure in celebrities. Bentley is now trying to take a stab at the task, as well. Their target? Conan O’Brien.

It all started with a flashmob to none other than BostInno’s favorite song: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” (And by “BostInno,” I really just mean Lisa DeCanio and me.)

Fun class project, right? I hope you spotted the faux O’Brien.

According to the group’s Conan 2 Bentley Facebook page, students plan on tweeting to O’Brien every Thursday with a picture of him that’s Bentley-related. Say, O’Brien on Bentley’s bridge or the funny guy in the school’s library. They’ll then be asking everyone to tweet the photo at Bentley with the hashtag #Conan2Bentley.

For added convenience, the group’s provided a list of weird phrases people can tweet at O’Brien. They include:

  • @conanobrien jay couldn’t handle us, but you can
  • hamster @conanobrien isn’t enough, we need you
  • @conanobrien fever!
  • hate walking up these stairs, if only @conanobrien was here to make it more enjoyable

The campaign also has their own Twitter handle, @Coco2Bentley. And, as you’ll see in the Storify below, the University’s getting pretty excited.

Could Coco be coming to Bentley? I mean, if a flash mob to “Call Me Maybe” doesn’t bring him to Boston, I don’t know what will.