Last semester, Bentley students tried to flashmob their way into Conan O’Brien’s heart, launching a social media campaign in hopes of luring the late night funny man to campus. Their synchronized “Call Me Maybe” moves weren’t enough, however—O’Brien never acknowledged their efforts. Yet now, months later, after mending their broken hearts, the students have set their eyes on a new celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres.

The campaign stems from Professor Alyssa Hammond’s social media and public relations class, where students have been tasked with making contact with a celebrity of their choosing. Although Rob Gronkowski and Mark Wahlberg were tossed around as focal points, the students opted out, leaving the New England heroes to Emerson’s Social Media Class instead.

The students have created Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts called “Ellen’s DeGenerates,” which they have been feverishly updating. After all, a lot is on the line. They could be scoring an automatic A+ on the project.

Hammond says the class is typically expected to hand in a final paper, but that she took the requirement off the table if they promised to band together and make this a full class effort. If DeGeneres mentions the students on her show or responds to them via social media, they’ll receive an A+ on the assignment, which Hammonds claims is 15 to 20 percent of their grade.

“They have until December 6th to get it done,” Hammond says. “The countdown is on.”

Hopefully DeGeneres responds soon, because the students have started falling for her. No, no, actually falling for her. Take a look and see: