The Seaport’s Row 34, coming in at No. 21.

The Boston restaurant scene is in the midst of great change. On the one hand, exciting new eateries are opening all the time, tempting patrons with clever menus, extensive alcohol offerings and glitzy decor. On the other, though, it’s proving a difficult time for some members of the older guard to stick around and keep up. At no other time in recent memory is the question, “Where should we eat tonight?” met with more head-scratching and Google searching.

And, of course, reliance on local Yelp reviews.

Conveniently, Yelp Boston just dropped its list of the Top 50 Restaurants in Boston Proper from 2015, and we’ve got all of them right here.

“Yelp took a look solely at reviews or review updates written in 2015,” Yelp Boston’s Damien Smith told BostInno. “And for this list, [we] only included restaurants and eateries within Boston proper.”

For methodology, they weighted the ratings of total recommended reviews and review updates written in 2015, looking at all businesses slotted under the “Restaurant” parent category in the proper geography.

“It’s the first time we’ve taken a look at a single year’s stack ranking of local favorites in Boston,” Smith said. “Based on the quality of the featured restos, it’s no surprise to see any of them on the list. What’s wonderful and very Boston is to see casual spots like Tenoch and Wheelhouse sharing top honors with finer dining establishments like Ostra and Island Creek Oyster Bar. A great representation of recent openings (Josephine, Yvonne’s) and institutions (Cafe Polonia, Toro) shows old and new alike are getting loads of Yelper love.”

Some big names made it; some even bigger names got snubbed.

Without further ado, here’s all 50 of Yelp’s best Boston restaurants from 2015, from top to bottom.

  1. Tenoch Mexican
  2. Mike & Patty’s
  3. Dates & Olives
  4. Neptune Oyster
  5. O Ya
  6. Wheelhouse
  7. Flour Bakery + Café
  8. Barcelona Wine Bar
  9. Picco
  10. Yvonne’s
  11. Pauli’s
  12. Cocobeet
  13. Sam LaGrassa’s
  14. James Hook & Co
  15. Boston Shawarma
  16. Piperi Mediterranean Grill
  17. Dolphin Bay
  18. Luke’s Lobster
  19. Carmelina’s
  20. Render Coffee
  21. Row 34
  22. Island Creek Oyster Bar
  23. Internal Matter
  24. Giacomo’s Ristorante
  25. Shawarma Falafel
  26. Amsterdam Falafelshop
  27. Blunch
  28. Toro
  29. Banh Mi House
  30. Josephine, Restaurant Parisien
  31. Ostra
  32. North End Fish Market
  33. Cafe Madeleine
  34. Bonapita
  35. Nico Ristorante
  36. Regina Pizza
  37. Cafe Polonia
  38. Orinoco
  39. La Voile
  40. Saus
  41. Mooo Restaurant
  42. Oppa Sushi
  43. The Salty Pig
  44. Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar
  45. Sportello
  46. Da Vinci
  47. Tarboosh
  48. Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks
  49. Roy’s Cold Cuts
  50. Pho Viet’s

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