While your corner liquor stores may boast a huge selection of wine, in reality, most retailers carry less than 2 percent of wine on the market. For the consumer, that means when you find a bottle of wine at dinner that you actually enjoy, it may not be sitting on your liquor store shelves, and your only alternative is to scope the Internet for a place that will ship it to you.

Or, you can just download Drync Direct. Launching on Saturday at the Boston Wine Expo, the free app allows wine enthusiasts to buy bottles they love simply by taking a photo of the label with your smartphone. Customers can ship bottles of wine to their home, all directly from the Drync app. Talk about convenience.

“Not only does Drync Direct help you easily remember the wines you love, but it gives you the power to buy them anytime,” said Drync CEO, Brad Rosen in a press release. “We love wine and want our users to be able to simply buy wine they love.”

At the Expo this week, attendees are encouraged to download the Drync Direct app, which has been populated with every wine that will be showcased. As they go through seminars, users can either photograph and scan labels or search wine names to find and order their favorites. Even better, Expo attendees will enjoy free shipping, so order up!

Outside of the Expo, Drync boasts more than 15,000 wines for sale in its database, and shipping is free on all orders of six bottles or more, so it pays to order in bulk (orders under six bottles cost $9.99 to ship).

Similar apps such as the Boston-based Second Glass help you save, categorize and find your favorite wines in-store, but Drync is unique in that it goes one step further to actually bring the wine to your doorstep. In a fast-paced world dependent on instant-gratification, Drync is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Check out screenshots of the Drync app below, which you can download here. For more info on the Boston Wine Expo, click here.