Pictured above is the Google Doodle celebrating the famed Mayan calendar. Click here and you can browse the endlessly clever doodles for all of 2012. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a doodler, or thought making Google’s doodles would be a cool thing to do, you’re in luck: the company is hiring a professional doodler. Could it be you?

Here’s the position:

The role: Doodler

As a Doodler, you will join the small creative team responsible for the Google homepage logos (google.com/doodles) that surprise and delight hundreds of millions of users worldwide. You will work at the intersection of art and technology individually and collaboratively with artists, engineers, and other Googlers to lead the creative vision for high impact illustrations, animations, games, and more.

Sounds amazing, right? But what exactly does a knockout doodler resume look like? First, either a BFA or four years of “relevant experience.” Beyond that, animation and communication skills are pluses, but all in all this looks like one of the least daunting requirement lists you could find at Google. If the interview puzzles and IQ tests the company has become known for are required, there’s no mention of it in the listing.

Creating the Google doodles is the digital equivalent of publishing a cartoon in The New Yorker, and not just in the sense that the primary perk of both is conversation at cocktail parties. Sure, the Chrome search bar has cut into the number of people who see the doodles – artists just can’t catch a break – but this still has to be one of the most widely viewed bits of art online.

So what are you waiting for? Get your portfolio together and submit it. If it doesn’t work out, you can always fall back on a job in the GIF economy.