Thousands of Americans felt like mini-celebrities on Thursday when a personalized email landed in their inboxes from pop superstar and vocal diva Beyoncé Knowles.

The message was on behalf of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and told readers that if they donated some cash to the cause, they could win a chance to dine with Obama, Knowles and her rapper husband Jay-Z.

“I don’t usually email you, but I have an amazing invitation I need to share,” the email started.

The robo-message was casually signed “B,” and was prefaced by including each recipients first name, adding a touch that made it seem like those who got it had been chatting back and forth with Knowles via email for years.

Within minutes, despite it being a mass-mailed item, obviously, Facebook and Twitter lit up with jokes about how those who opened it were chummy with the famous songstress.

Including this reporter (me)—

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It seems all of America made the same joke, too:

Not everyone got love from the pop princess and new mother, though:

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But the mass email did have a second positive trickle down effect besides the funny remarks that came out of peoples’ social media streams.

According to one Democratic supporter, people were inclined to put up some cash for Obama’s reelection campaign based solely on the fact that an email went out from the music mogul.

“At a table of campaign women who all say they donated to Obama for the first time because of the Beyonce email,” one person wrote.