Mega-celebrity Beyonce gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Blue Ivy just two days ago. Since then every major news outlet and entertainment focused site has covered the baby’s birth. There has also been an enormous jump in search activity for the string “Blue Ivy,” and one Boston based event planning company is taking advantage of that, in a big way.

Boston based Blue Ivy Events has been inundated with calls, emails and social media activity over the last few days, due to the same name. “We were popular before, but this brought us to a new level,” said founder Veronica Alexandra over the phone. “Everyone is calling to see if we are going to be doing her birthday or any other events, my phone has literally not stopped ringing,” added Alexandra.

So far today, Alexandra told me that she has done more interviews with media outlets than she can keep track of. She has already talked with TMZ, Kiss 108, CNN, Ryan Seacrest and more. “The outreach has really been incredible and we are just so excited to see the opportunities that are now in front of us. This is a game-changer,” said Alexandra.

Being such a unique name, Blue Ivy, I did ask what she thought of Beyone naming her new daugher that. “The name took me six months to come up with and represents the most important thing in my life, my baby, my career, so to have Beyonce name her daughter, the most important thing in her life that, is truly amazing.”

Blue Ivy is not currently planning any special promotions for baby Blue Ivy, but they are now completely booked for the entire year and trying to figure out other ways to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.