When the heavens open up and the snow comes tumbling from on high, some people hunker down, whiling away the dreaded wintry mix under blankets and heavy doses of hot chocolate. Local bike advocate Greg Hum, on the other hand, hops on his bike and starts making sweet, snowy music.

Such is the focus of a video he released after Boston’s latest snow storm, depicting Hum biking through Hub streets while expertly playing a makeshift mobile drum set.

“I decided to start drum-biking after seeing my friend Galen Mook, another drum-biker, do it on group bike rides with friends and thinking ‘That is awesome! And hilarious,’ before thinking, ‘I’m a drummer who loves biking. I can do that,” Hum told me of the fantastic video (below) he posted to Vimeo.

Hum started drum biking while a senior at Boston University in 2009 by strapping an old five-gallon bucket to his handlebars, a hobby that’s grown to more adventurous undertakings, though he told that while he’s been in a few “bah-dum-tshh!” crashes, he’s never scraped metal with a car.

“Most of the time I drum on my own on my way to work, to the grocery store, or on my way to the bar,” Hum said. “Growing up skiing and building igloos whenever it snowed, I have a special love for biking in inclement weather, and even went out to bike (but not drum) during Hurricane Sandy.”

Hum told me he actually comes from a long line of Boston-based drum bikers, the earliest of which he said was Joey Chang (aka Cello Joe). Today, Mook and Hum carry on the tradition, precipitating their love of safe cycling and on-the-go jam sessions. Hum has drummed for MIT’s WMBR radio station and he and Mook performed for the November Project’s Ninja Race in January, despite the single-digit temperatures.

“I find that biking in the snow itself feels as magical as skiing, and when there isn’t too much snow, can be done safely,” said Hum. “I also imagine that if I were walking down the street in a snow storm and saw someone fly by on a bike playing the drums, I would die of laughter.”

Watch the video above and try not to crack a smile. Or check out Hum’s YouTube page for a bunch more great clips.

Here’s to doing something that makes you and everyone you meet a little bit happier.