While SXSW is filled with hundreds of epic parties – or shindigs if you will – one such party stood above the rest. It was on par, if not better, than that distant cousin’s wedding your family always talks about.

Thanks to Microsoft’s BingBooster program, MassChallenge was able to throw a happy hour in the #binglot to highlight MassChallenge and four alumni: LibbooRelayRidesThe Tap Lab and Vsnap. 

As if it took place back in Boston, we brought together the SXSW community to celebrate entrepreneurship and young startups. Over 700 people showed for the 2-hour party, including VIP entrepreneurs, our great sponsors and partners and 3 NFL players. Thank you to everyone that came out to support MassChallenge and our alumni.

Here are some photos:

American Airlines Flight Photo
We had a fantastic flight thanks to American Airlines!
Bing Party 2
Over 700 people came out for a fantastic afternoon
Bing Party 1
An afternoon of SXSW fun
NFL stars Lance Briggs and Joe Tafoya stopped by the happy hour

For more photos from Masschallenge’s trip to SXSW, check out our Facebook page!

We’d also like to thank the following sponsors and partners for their help in making the SXSW trip such a success:

                                         New Empire Builders Logo

BingBooster Logo