The Blackberry 10 release date is January 30, just a couple weeks away, and so excitement is building to see what RIM can do in its last ditch effort to reverse its fortunes. The release of the new operating system will likely coincide with the release of a number of new phones, including the Blackberry Z10, the existence of which was confirmed today by a leaked photo of the phone, which will be carried on Verizon.

We’ve been covering Blackberry 10 news and rumors for a while now, and the existence of the Z10 confirms previously leaked reports.

The tech world has been watching and waiting for Blackberry 10 since early last year, and an executive at RIM had previously said that the new operating system would be released by the end of 2012. That obviously didn’t happen, but the January 30 release date isn’t too far off from that.

All last summer the company was on tour talking up the new operating system and trying to build support for it within the developer community. Those efforts continue, with the company offering developers cash to port their apps to Blackberry 10.

The Z10 will be just one of many phones released in conjunction with the launch of BB10. The Verge reported previously that there will be ‘at least’ six phones released for it at launch.

And Verizon is far from the only carrier. Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile will all carry Blackberry 10 phones in the U.S. No word yet on the pricing for the various phones.

RIM is holding a Blackberry launch event in New York City on January 30 to celebrate the Blackberry 10 release.

So can all of this save RIM? The company whose record in recent years has become an industry punchline? It certainly seems a tall order. The ascendance of iPhone and Android over Blackberry, particularly in the business market, was unbelievably swift. BB10 will have to be pretty amazing to reverse that.