People don’t just watch television anymore. We’ve now got our laptops, tablets and phones in our laps so we can keep up with our favorite social media pundits (and chime in ourselves) to make watching TV alone at home a truly social experience.

Boston based Bluefin Labs found that social TV has had its most active nights to date in the past two weeks. Super Bowl XLVI enticed people to leave 12.2 million social media comments about the game. I abstained because it hurts to type when you’ve chewed your fingernails off in anticipation.  And then, just a week later, the Grammy Awards trumped the record set by those who watched the second worst Super Bowl ever. Thirteen million comments were made about the 54th annual ceremony, which represents a 2,280% increase from the year before.

I myself was wondering about whether Rhianna was hoping Chris Brown would tumble down that stair contraption thing while he was dancing and apparently, so were a lot of other people.

According to Bluefin’s website, “the first big spike in responses occurred when Chris Brown took the stage, though much of the sentiment was negative and related to past domestic abuse issues.”

I’m also learning, literally right now as I write this, that Paul McCartney performed with the Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen and now I’m furious that I went to bed when I did. The Boss, the Walrus and the Foo sharing the stage! Gaht dayumn. Now social media just needs to figure out how to wake me up when stuff that matters is happening.

Below there is a cool infographic put together by Bluefin with some more details and how the award ceremony stacks up to previous entertainment events.

Unrelated sort of, but I was glad to see Bon Iver win the award for best new artist. Homeboy can play.