It’s no secret that we’re in love with jm Curley. From their amazing eats to gluttonous food challenges, the only thing that can top jm Curley’s excellent menu is their stellar staff, a team truly dedicated to serving.

Imagine our delight, then, when we got word of Bogie’s Place, a new restaurant opening – inside jm Curley. That’s right, inception – a restaurant within a restaurant – is happening right in Downtown Crossing.

After much anticipation, Bogie’s Place, the 20-seat steak joint, opens today at 5 p.m. in the back room of jm Curley. I had the chance to check out the spot in its early stages last fall, and was digging the cozy, lounge-y vibe that made it feel as if you were at a private dinner club in Humphrey Bogart’s heyday, rather than in the backroom of a venue right off Park Street.

Before you run to check it out, here are three things you need to know to get your chow on at Bogie’s Place.

Classic Wedge Salad

Pick Up the Phone

Bogie’s Place is reservations only, open Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. via phone. Same day reservations close at 4 p.m., but if I was a betting woman, I’d say that those are few and far between.

For those of you technology-inclined folks, you can also send in email reservation request. And if you’re really willing to take your chances, walk-ins are accepted if they can accommodate you.

Classic is the Name of the Game

While jm Curley is spicing things up in the front of the house, Bogie’s Place is kicking it old school with classic cuts of red meat and a la carte side dishes.

Classic doesn’t mean boring, though. Chef Sam Mansour is offering up New York strip, flat iron and filet mignon, giving patrons the opportunity to “hook it up” with toppings like melted blue cheese, foie gras butter and roasted bone marrow. The rotating sides menu, dubbed “Bogie’s Seven,” features comforting dishes like mac and cheese, a baked potato, and clams casino, and could be meals in and of themselves.

Clams Casino, $2 each

The tiny bar at Bogie’s also packs a mean punch. The libations can be bucketed as “classic” as well, with a sidecar, old fashioned and white Russian all making appearances on the six-item cocktail menu.

You (Still) Can’t Be a Douchebag

On the back of its menu, jm Curley outlines rules for patrons who don’t know that it’s unacceptable to pass gas at the bar, suck face or refer to their server as a “Pork Chop.” Bogie’s also asks patrons to leave the douchiness at the door, stipulating the joint is for “Adults Only.” So while you shouldn’t bring your toddler to Bogie’s, you’re better off leaving your toddlerish boyfriend at Friendly’s, too.

For more, follow along at @Bogies_Place on Twitter. And be sure to let us know how it is!

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All images via jm Curley’s Facebook page