From silver dollars and watches to cosmetics, hats and handguns, hundreds of items owned by infamous mob bosses, bank robbers and criminals went up for sale over the weekend.

Included in the auction, which took place in New Hampshire, were the weapons owned by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the crime couple known for their bank robbing sprees during the Great Depression.

Two of the guns at the auction netted more than $500,000 combined from interested bidders, according to reports.

The highest bid was for a weapon that was strapped to the inside of Bonnie’s leg at the time of her death, which sold for $264,000.

According to the website, the company that hosted the event and put the items on the market, the Colt Detective Special .38 revolver was carried by Bonnie and removed from her body after succumbing to a hail of bullets.

Along with the gun, the bidder received a notarized letter from former Special Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, Jr., the son of the man who confiscated the weapon from the female criminal the day she was killed in 1934.

The letter reads; “my father removed this gun from the inside thigh of Bonnie Parker where she had it taped with white, medical, adhesive tape. My father said that one reason she had the gun taped to the inside of her leg was that, in those days, no gentlemen officer would search a woman where she had it taped.”

Photos of the couple after law enforcement officials gunned them down were also for sale, along with bullets extracted from the vehicle that the infamous crime duo was in at the time of their death.

There were 134 items up for auction over the weekend, including items owned by other notorious criminals like Al Capone, bank robber John Dillinger and a gun owned by Baby Face Nelson.

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