When we, at BostInno, discover companies that strive to mobilize the tech community, we jump at the opportunity to connect and work with them. We’ve found one with Technology Underwriting Greater Good (TUGG).

We are proud to join TUGG as a media partner as they serve the local under-resourced youth through entrepreneurial, educational and life experiences. To date, they have helped catalyze 41 socially innovative nonprofits, including Youth Cities, Inner City Weightlifting, Future Chefs, and Resilient Coders. TUGG has also had quite a successful year. Jeff Fagnan, TUGG founder and board president, said: “We started the year strong following our 50 on Fire win and our 10th Annual Wine & Tequila Party, the best in our history. We have continued this momentum by adding BostInno to our roster of partners. Boston has put TUGG on its shoulders and we stand taller today than ever.”

TUGG has been funding the riskiest of startups for years in hopes of helping them become success stories in social innovation. As far as TUGG’s priorities go, Fagnan said, “Engagement is our KPI. Our vision for Boston’s tech community is to further the reach and deepen the breadth of engagement between Boston’s tech entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. We are all one community of innovators.” Combine the best tech minds in Boston with forward thinkers and you’ve got yourself a recipe for social change.

The benefits of the partnership are detailed by TUGG’s Executive Director, Zoe Anetakis. “BostInno is a fantastic media partner match for TUGG.  Through our partnership we will broaden the awareness of the life-changing work of the nonprofits in the TUGG portfolio, and hopefully inspire others in the community to both prioritize giving back and ignite social entrepreneurship.”

When TUGG was founded in 2009, their goal was to bring together Boston’s best entrepreneurs and technologists as a community, and leveraging this group to source, identify and fund Boston’s best social entrepreneurial ventures.

This partnership will succeed as we believe that Boston’s most innovative minds are more valuable as a community rather than as competitors.

Pierson Butler contributed to this announcement.