Mark your calendars! We are kicking off the New Year with a State of Innovation Meetup: The Future of Adtech, on February 8th from 6:00-8:30PM.

What is AdTech? AdTech is the systematic buying and selling of advertisements across digital platforms. One aspect of AdTech is retargeting, which is Criteo’s focus. During your normal internet browsing, they are the ones reminding you to buy those sweet sandals you were checking out on ISlide a week ago, or a new couch that you were eyeing on the Wayfair website.

Why is AdTech Important? AdTech is changing the way brands advertise. It’s also projected to be a $53.3 billion industry by 2018, demanding a quarter of total advertisement spending. AdTech continues to change the advertising agencies’ role and their significance in this sector. Our expert panelists will dive into how this has effected the current industry and where they think it’s heading in the future.

State of Innovation Moderator:

Ori Stitelman, VP of Data Science at Dstillery

State of Innovation Meetup Panelists:

Jay Habegger, CEO of ownerIQ

Doug Hurd, Co-Founder of clypd

Bettina Hein, CEO of Pixability

Baba Shetty, CEO of Invisible Science

Tickets for this event will include appetizers, cocktails, and an intimate networking experience with local industry influencers. Grab yours now!

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