The State of Innovation Workshop Series is back by popular demand with General Assembly‘s expert instructors teaching six workshops designed to address critical skills within each track.

What does this mean for you as an attendee? In addition to hearing from high-profile keynotes and panel discussions featuring some of Boston’s most acclaimed leaders, you’ll learn the skills necessary put the insights you hear into action. Plus, it’s a can’t-be-missed deal to take General Assembly classes to advance your career. [SIGN UP HERE]

Founders Workshops 

Building Social Capital with Content

Instructor: Steph Parker, Engagement Supervisor, AMP Agency 

You’ve mastered the art of securing venture capital. But without the social capital to match, your influence will fall flat. Content is the currency of the web, and can unlock the doors to a digital marketing strategy that positions your company where it belongs. In this session, we’ll scratch the surface of how leveraging influencers and thought leaders in your vertical can act as the lighting rod to your digital marketing efforts.


  • A conceptual grasp of content marketing principles

  • An overview of the digital marketing landscape

  • An understanding of how to align your value proposition with the right influencers and subsequent audiences

Brand as Culture

Instructor: Ben Spear, Founder, Human Experience

Branding is tough today. Innovative ideas transcend product and category, and a company’s value proposition can change from week to week. To attract savvy users, we have to go beyond the transaction, beyond marketing, and create an honest, holistic brand culture. This workshop will explain how brand is changing, and how to win by aligning your team and encouraging your company’s true culture to emerge.


  • Discover the origins of modern branding

  • Differentiate between industrial- and information-age brands

  • Understand the role of branding in startup culture

  • Use agile development to create a holistic brand culture 

Sales & Marketing Workshops 

The Growth Hacker’s Toolkit: Learn and Leverage 14 Hacks to Cheat Your Funnel and Grow Your Business

Instructor: Austin Gardner-Smith, VP, Product Marketing, Nanigans

Once considered the domain of startups alone, growth hacking has made it to the mainstream. In this workshop, we’ll demystify growth hacking and review 14 known hacks that belong in every marketer’s toolkit, each with a real-world success story. Then we’ll put the tools to work using some of the world’s most established businesses as case studies.


  • Understand what growth hacking is and what it can do for your business

  • Learn 14 growth hacking tactics that you can put to work immediately

  • Review real-world examples of growth hacks that transformed busineses

  • Apply growth hacking tools to real-world businesses

Build and Sell: Defining a Sales Strategy With the Right Team

Instructors: Laura Wallendal, Board Member at WorldBrain, Inc and Wallendal Supply, Inc and Scott Staiti, Director of Channel Development at Testive, Inc

A strong sales strategy boils down to two things: identifying your customers and assembling the right team to work with those customers. Whether your product is in a discovery phase and you need hard-hitting hunters to create opportunity and urgency, or your company is exploring new markets and you need people that are comfortable operating in the friend zone, this class will cover how to pick the right tools for the job.


  • Understanding of what questions to ask when developing a sales strategy

  • How to structure your team based on the defined strategy

  • How to build and develop a sales team

Product Workshops 

Customer Discovery: How to Make Something People Love

Instructor: Cait Porte, VP of Product Management, ZMags

Product Management is about being able to identify the problem your user is having by gathering customer feedback. Asking the right questions is critical to successfully defining this problem and understanding your user.  In this workshop, you’ll learn about the role of Product Management and work through an exercise highlighting how difficult it is to ask the right questions in order to understand the problem.  During the session we’ll walk through how to “influence without authority” in order to justify prioritization and build a product roadmap.


  • Understand the role of Product Management and the value the role brings to an organization

  • Identify the problem your users are having through the right line of questioning

  • Using customer feedback to “influence without authority”, and ultimately build products people will love.

Fail Fast, Succeed Faster – Why Prototyping Matters

Instructor: Maggie Foley, Senior Experience Design Lead, Hill Holliday

Spending months on a product or feature, only to find that your customers don’t need or understand how to use it, can be frustrating – never to mention costly to your business. Simple prototypes can provide organizations of all sizes with key user insight, while helping to prevent companies from wasting valuable time and effort in the wrong places. Through the prototype process, teams can weed out weak features and let their MVP (Minimum Viable Products) shine through in a way that truly resonates with their targeted user base. In this class, attendees will learn how simple prototyping can help teams organize, prioritize, and test their product, turning learnings into actionable outputs.


  • Why failing quickly and often is critical to launching a successful product

  • How to leverage low-fidelity prototypes to make key design decisions faster and earlier in the product cycle

  • How to start prototyping today using simple tools   

With so many great options, the hardest part of your day will be deciding which ones to take.

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