When and Where

June 20, 2018

6:00PM - 8:00PM

Analog Garage

125 Summer Street, 02110 Boston


"Deep tech" startups are built on breakthroughs in science or engineering. They're at the forefront of developing new technologies and innovations to address challenges across all industries such as agriculture, health care and energy. In many cases, they're working hard to address societal and environmental challenges that we face today. Their goal is to shape solutions for our most pressing global issues, as opposed to companies that employ established tech.

So, to break it down in layman's terms, deep tech and deep technicians are creating technology to fill a need, where as more traditional innovators are utilizing existing technology to solve a problem.

Patrick O'Doherty, Emerging Business at Analog Devices
Natanel Barookhian, Founder of TechU Angels
Leila Pirhaji, Founder and CEO of ReviveMed
Jason Wahley, General Partner at Rhapsody Venture Partners

Matt Duffy, CMO at ClimaCell