Boston’s been called a lot of things, and most recently, those things have been “tough,” “resilient” and “strong.” But now, a new ranking has come up with a new word for Boston: snotty. *Turns up nose in disgust.*

According to Travel + Leisure, the Hub is the third snootiest in America, filled with a bunch of elite people acting like, well, elitests. Here’s how Boston earned it’s snobby accolades, according to the magazine:

In this college town steeped in history, visitors may detect a certain air of superiority: after all, the locals rank near the top for their Ivy League–worthy brains and for supporting old-school culture, such as the symphony. On Harvard Square, you can tap into that brainpower by browsing high-concept bookstores—from Grolier Poetry Bookshop to Schoenhof’s Foreign Books. But there is one realm where Bostonians falter: their driving, which ranked near the bottom of the survey.

Well, there’s one reason to love Massholes: they kept us from earning a snobbier spot on the list.

While it may seem like Travel + Leisure confused smarts with snobbery, they claim that being smart is only just the start of it. high-end shopping, classical music and theater also factored into the rankings, as well as tech-savviness, coffeehouses, and eco-consciousness.

In other words, Travel + Leisure thinks having cultural activities, iPads and a sense for the environment translates into elitism. Which, to be honest, is A-OK in my book. Pass me an organic double-soy latte, please.

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