Calling all cereal and cocktail fans, alike – it seems that cereal-infused cocktails are officially a thing. And if you’ve been keeping up with our latest Sunday brunch buzz columns, you would know that Russell House Tavern in Cambridge is ahead of the game. According to Details, this cocktail-flavor trend is growing worldwide and becoming quite the rage among “both top mixologists and college coeds.”

Yes, it’s no longer just a thing for Russell House Tavern brunch regulars but now for adventurous bartenders everywhere. While cereal-flavored alcohol was once found only in the form of college-style shots (remember those?), it’s now moving upmarket, and appearing in fancy schmancy cocktail libations.

Details reports that bartenders worldwide are “infusing cereal into milk or cream, straining it out, and using the flavored dairy in drinks.” The concept is reminiscent of the classic drink, Milk Punch, and is a creative twist on the oldie. The cereal infused milk trend is taking off everywhere from Seattle to London. You can even try one of them in NYC this weekend if you’re heading to the Thanksgiving parade. Check out PDT for their special Cereal Milk Punch “with cornflakes-infused cereal milk, corn whiskey, wheat whiskey, and honey liqueur,” according to Details.

The magazine also reports that other bartenders are using the “familiar flavors” of cereal to convince guests to try unique and highbrow drinks. An interesting cocktail ploy if I ever saw one. Woburn, Mass. restaurant Sichuan is doing just that with its “smoky cereal drink.” Details reports that the cocktail contains Cocoa Puffs cream with mezcal, cherry syrup and egg white. The Bartender, Ran Duan, explained that the reasoning for his sneaky idea was that “Cocoa Puffs… hit a comfort-memory note that a lot of guests could relate to, which made it easier to expose guests to the smoky taste of mezcal.”

But if you’re looking to have your fill of cereal cocktails right in the Hub, there’s certainly no better place than Russell House Tavern. The bar’s cereal booze infuses cereal directly into the liquor. The Harvard Square locale began offering their cereal-infused cocktails as a result of bar manager Sam Gabrielli’s efforts to recreate the typical brunch libation.

You can enjoy sipping on one of these sweet brunch cocktails including: Applejacks Rose with Applejacks cereal infused Applejack, house made grenadine and lime juice; Cinnamon Toast Mudslide with Cinnamon Toast Crunch infused Bacardi 8, Luxardo Espresso and St. Brendans Irish Cream; Golden Graham Manhattan with Golden Grahams infused Jack Daniels, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino and Angostura Bitters; Coco Puff Smash with Cocoa Puff infused Green Charteuse, Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao, lemon wedges and mint.

As the trend takes off, we’ll have to wait and see what other bars in the Boston area jump on the bandwagon. One thing’s for sure, this cereal cocktail trend is poised to snap, crackle and pop into other bars throughout the U.S.

Check out the cereal cocktails from Russell House Tavern below.