The Human Rights Campaign released its first annual edition of the Municipality Equality Index yesterday, evaluating the laws and policies of 137 cities across the nation. Of the four cities ranked in Massachusetts, both Boston and Cambridge scored a 100 percent perfect score overall.

More specifically, Boston and Cambridge both earned perfect scores in Non-Discrimination Laws, Relationship Recognition, Municipality as Law Enforcement and Municipality’s Relationship with the LGBT Community.

Boston also earned bonus points for having LGBT elected officials and a municipality that engages with the LGBT Community, amongst other things. Cambridge earned bonus points for transgender health benefits and serving vulnerable populations of the LGBT community.

Of the two other cities ranked in Massachusetts, Northampton scored 64 percent and Provincetown earned a 59 percent.

To determine the scores, the index analyzed 47 criteria across six categories. Including Cambridge and Boston, 11 cities earned a 100 percent score. For the complete report, click here. For individual city scorecards, click here.

Here in Massachusetts, several startups hope to foster the gay community and help create equality. Rainbow Chronicle is making headway as a Yelp for LGBT-friendliness. Additionally, The Welcoming Committee is an app that aims to “let LGBT people experience the city the way straight people do” by expanding their hangouts beyond gay bars.

Furthermore, Cambridge was ranked the third gayest city in America by The Advocate, a LGBT magazine, last year. Still, there is always more to be done.