It looks as though the South End will soon be home to its own Aussie-style coffee house. According to a release, CuppaCoffee plans to open its second Boston location in the South End’s newest mixed-use apartment building Troy Boston, located at 55 Traveler Street.

The coffee shop, which already has a location in downtown Boston, offers Australian-style coffee drinks like the popular Flat White and Long Black beverages. Guests can also expect plenty of classic Australian meat pies, produced by Down Under Bakery (DUB Pies).  The hand-sized pies are described as “a savory mixture of minced meat, gravy and vegetables baked inside a golden pastry crust.”

Todd Moore, owner of CuppaCoffee, states in a release:

“We want CuppaCoffee to introduce Bostonians Australian coffee culture and the nostalgic foods from Australia – the Aussie meat pie, lamingtons, anzac cookies and other Aussie treats – while offering a relaxing spot to sit back and unwind while sipping their favorite coffee.  The meat pie to an Aussie is what pizza and a hotdog are to an American.  And we Aussies love our coffee good and strong.”

We’ll be sure to update you as we learn more about CuppaCoffee’s upcoming Boston expansion. In the meantime, take a look at the coffee shop’s rendering, above.

Image courtesy of CuppaCoffee