In an effort “to protect the values and traditions of Boston College as a Jesuit, Catholic institution,” the administration has threatened to punish students handing out condoms on campus.

Boston College officials have demanded an end to Safe Sites, a network of 18 dorm rooms and other locations on or near campus that offer free contraceptives and safe sex pamphlets.

The school’s Dean of Students Paul Chebator and Director of Residence Life George Arey sent a letter to the students behind Safe Sites, according to the Boston Globe. In it, they wrote:

While we understand that you may not be intentionally violating university policy, we do need to advise you that should we receive any reports that you are, in fact, distributing condoms on campus, the matter would be referred to the student conduct office for disciplinary action by the university.

The American Civil Liberties Union has since gotten involved. Sarah Wunsch, staff attorney at the ACLU of Massachusetts, told the Boston Globe that although she understands the university is religiously affiliated, their reaction has been “entirely inappropriate” and in violation of the law. If disciplinary action ensues, the ACLU will take legal action.

Students have described the letter as “war-mongering and threatening,” and still plan to distribute condoms on and around campus in an effort to promote safe sex.

Just down the street at Boston University, a “Condom Fairy” has been flying around campus, per the request of the administration. The school’s Student Health Services launched a website that allows students to place orders for contraceptives. Within five to seven business days, those orders are discreetly dropped in the students’ mailbox at no cost to them.

Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn cited “Catholic commitments,” however, that “Boston College is called to uphold,” according to the Boston Globe. “We ask our students to respect these commitments, particularly as they pertain to Catholic social teaching on the sanctity of life,” he said.

The BC Students for Sexual Health group will be meeting with six directors of various Boston College administrative offices at the end of April.