Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend–a weekend dedicated to commemorating civil rights–the office of an LGBT group was vandalized at Boston College Law School.

The incident occurred in the office of the Lambda Law Students Association, according to Above the Law, who posted the picture below:

Students found the graffiti Tuesday morning, after returning from the long weekend. The office and building doors were unlocked, according to the Boston Globe, and the Boston College and Newton Police Departments are now investigating the incident.

The administration responded immediately. Law School Dean Vincent Rougeau sent a letter to the college community by noon, saying:

The administration of Boston College Law School condemns this reprehensible action and will not tolerate hateful or threatening speech of any kind. This behavior is the antithesis of all we stand for as an institution, and is an assault on our shared values of a welcoming, loving, and inclusive community.

Co-chair of the LGBT Lamba coalition Jason Triplett told Above the Law, “The BC Law community has been overwhelmingly supportive in the wake of this act.” And in the days to come, instead of having the administration remove the hateful graffiti, Triplett says Lamba will be “holding a meeting to solicit ideas about how we can turn this into a positive thing for BC Law and the LGBT members of Lambda Law.”

Triplett told the Boston Globe he does not think a student committed the crime, “because the students and faculty at the BC Law School are very accepting of the LGBT community.”

Students from the Boston College Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Queer/Questioning Leadership Council (the GLC) launched a social media campaign, “Ellen2BC,” in November in hopes of bringing comedian Ellen DeGeneres to campus to actually raise awareness for the Jesuit Catholic School’s LGBTQ community.

The GLC has created an @Ellen2BC Twitter account, and is hoping to garner a response from DeGeneres by February. In a prior interview with BostInno, GLC Chief of Staff Laura DelloStritto said they would accept any form of interaction—an in-person meeting, Skype session or Twitter conversation—but still believes having her physically on campus would create the most impact.

“Ellen DeGeneres would do wonders to raise awareness of BC’s LGBTQ community and, more importantly, it would provide an immensely educational opportunity for many students who are not members of the LGBTQ community,” DelloStritto said.

Following yesterday’s incident, any educational opportunity would be positive for the entire community.

For a look at some of the tweets and photos from the Ellen2BC campaign, check out the slideshow below.