Finding the right person for a given job fast just got a whole lot easier.

Knode, the Boston-based scientific expertise search engine and profiling system, announced Wednesday a partnership with international publishing company Wiley. Through the partnership, scholarly and scientific societies will be better poised to tackle all phases of the research cycle, from planning and experimentation to publication and beyond.

A firm believer in, “It’s not just who you know, it’s who you should know,” Life Science-leaning Knode extracts data from millions of documents, including U.S. patents, National Institutes of Health grants and Then, using advanced mining and data extraction algorithms, Knode creates a “research signature” for users, which highlights their core areas of expertise, publication track record and authorship networks, among other experience.

Knode is now powering Wiley’s cloud-based portal, populated with more than 20 million documents and millions of expert profiles. Users can search the database by expertise, name or affiliation. Custom filters also allow for more fine-tuned results, providing others with the ability to more easily find the right person at the opportune time for a specific job.

“Identifying and promoting expertise and capabilities is a crucial component of research collaboration,” said Knode’s Head of Business Development David Tharp in a statement. “Scientific societies and academic institutions lead the way in fostering new links across multiple research organizations and in enhancing connections to industrial R&D.”

In a Wiley blog post, Tharp went on to further explain the benefits of the companies’ partnership:

This partnership is specifically geared toward providing customized research expertise portals to learned societies and other academic and regional organizations worldwide. The focus is on providing an active, dynamic platform for society members to engage with each other, and for society leadership to better track, manage, recruit and communicate with members.

Ultimately, users are saving an immense amount of time by not wasting their time on individuals who don’t have the exact expertise they’re looking for. That, in itself, proves the platform’s necessity.