Dan Lyons

Former Newsweek writer and HubSpot marketing fellow Dan Lyons is joining the writing crew of HBO techie comedy series Silicon Valley.

According to ValleyWag, Lyons will play a part in penning the second season of the goofy, almost-too-close-to-home show that recounts the [hilarious] trials and tribulations of fledgling entrepre-nerds in the California tech capital.

Lyons has been with HubSpot for just over a year. Prior, he was the editor-in-chief at ReadWrite and a technology writer at Newsweek. The comedy aspect comes in via his now defunct satirical tech blog, “Fake Steve Jobs,” which trafficked 1.6 million unique visitors monthly. From there, he published a critically acclaimed novel, “Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs,” which was translated into Chinese, Japanese and German.

“For me, it’s incredibly huge,” Lyons told ValleyWag. “I’m scared shitless, frankly.”

Considering Lyons’s stint at the local inbound marketing giant, perhaps we can look forward to some East Coast flair or some familiar archetypes in the second season.

So, keep an eye out for Lyons’s name when the credits start rolling come next season.

Image via HubSpot Blog