Moving day in Boston — it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Oh, wait, no — it’s actually hell on Earth. For me, the worst part about September 1st is the general chaos of it all, from mattresses thrown in the street to loud moving trucks to rat-attracting garbage bags everywhere.

While my colleague Dave Eisenberg praises Allston Christmas, I’d rather not bother with it. Sorting through piles of junk on the curb has never really been my thing in the past, and I don’t forsee myself changing my mind about dumpster diving in the near future. However, I am in desperate need of a new kitchen table. Craigslist to the rescue! After browsing the site the other day, I noticed many people in the process of moving have posted items on the site that they’re literally giving away. So skip Ikea this year, and just browse Craigslist instead to furnish your new apartment for free.

From couches to TVs to coffee tables, here are 10 items you can score for free from Craigslist right now. Be sure to email the owners ahead of time, because these items are likely to go like hotcakes!