The MBTA Orange Line (photo by David Salafia, CC BY-ND 2.0)

Clover Takes Over Former Boloco Space on School Street

John Pepper is back the helm at Boloco, a move that will inevitably come with some tough decisions – like closing “redundant” locations. Pepper told BostInno in October the CEO of a different local restaurant was eyeing his School Street location, which just closed. Turns out, according to Eater, that CEO was Ayr Muir, the founder of Clover Food Labs, which will be moving into the spot by the end of 2016.

Paintzen Launches in Boston

Paintzen, an on-demand painting service based in New York and backed by two Boston venture investors, has launched in Boston. The company lets users find, book and customize paint jobs online for their home or office. Bookings can be made in as little as 48 hours prior to the start of a project. Paintzen raised $7.2 million in funding in September from investors including Boston firms Data Point Capital and NextView Ventures. Boston is the fourth city for Paintzen’s service, following New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

MBTA Board Discusses Ending Late-Night Service

“I’m fine with just getting rid of it,” board member Monica Tibbits-Nutt said of the late-night T service pilot in a Wednesday meeting of the fiscal control board that oversees MBTA finances. “It really is expensive, and no one is using it.” When it started in March 2014, late-night T service carried about 18,000 riders between 12:30 and 2:30 a.m. Now, about 13,000 use it. Its hours have been scaled back to close at 2 a.m. The Globe reports.

Doug Flutie’s Parents Died Within an Hour of Each Other

Here is his Facebook post from last night:

It is with a heavy heart that I am making this statement. This morning my family experienced the tragic loss of my father, Dick and mother, Joan. My Dad had been ill and died of a heart attack in the hospital and my Mom, less than an hour later had a sudden heart attack and passed away. They say you can die of a broken heart and I believe it. I would like to honor my parents for all that they did throughout my and my brothers’ and sister’s lives. My parents were always there for their children, from the days my Dad coached us as kids and my Mom would work the concession stands, through to this morning. The most important part of their 56 years of marriage was providing opportunities to their children. They were incredible parents and Grandparents and my family and I will miss them both. On behalf of me and the entire Flutie family, I would like to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers during this difficult time.

Mimecast Gets to IPO

Email security firm Mimecast completed its initial public offering Wednesday, pricing its shares at $10 a piece and raising $77.5 million in funding. The stock price is at the low end of the company’s previously expected range, of between $10-$12 a piece. Mimecast sold the expected number of shares at 7.75 million. Read more.

Kraft Gives $20M to Harvard Business School to Support Precision Medicine

On Wednesday, at the Partners Precision Medicine Conference at Harvard Medical School, the Robert and Myra Kraft Family Foundation, Inc., announced that it will be granting $20 million to Harvard Business School to establish the Kraft Endowment for Advancing Precision MedicineRead more.

Amherst College Mascot Debate Rages

Amherst College’s mascot, “Lord Jeff,” derives from the college’s namesake, Lord Jeffrey Amherst. The problem is Amherst, who commanded British military forces during the French and Indian war, is believed to have endorsed the idea of giving smallpox-contaminated blankets to American Indians. Amid student protests, a group of faculty has voted to drop the mascot. A college representative said the vote is non-binding. The Globe reports.

Tom Brady is GQ’s Man of the Year Again

The Boston Herald’s Gayle Fee recalls the last time No. 12 received the honor, in 2005, when he posed with a goat and a golden retriever.

MIT Develops a Wearable You Can Swallow

MIT researchers have developed an ingestible FitBit of sorts. Using sound-wave sensors, the device calculates heart and breathing rates from inside the gastrointestinal tract. Their findings were published in PLOS One. “Through characterization of the acoustic wave, recorded from different parts of the GI tract, we found that we could measure both heart rate and respiratory rate with good accuracy,” lead researcher Giovanni Traverso (MIT / MGH) said in a release. BBJ reports.