Boston, prepare yourself for an influx of human bodies. And no, I’m not talking about tourists or zombies. Instead, I’m referring to an incoming Body Worlds Vital Exhibition right here in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the exhibition displays authentic and detailed human bodies. And yes, these are real bodies. But before you scrunch your nose in disgust, here are the anatomical details.

According to the Body Worlds website, “the human bodies are actually preserved through a remarkable process called plastination, invented by Dr. von Hagens.” And don’t worry, I had no idea what “plastination” was either.

Apparently it’s a “method of extracting bodily fluids and fat from specimens, and replacing them with reactive resins and polymers,” which allows spectators to see the inside a human body and to learn how the human body is affected by disease.

Although at first I thought the exhibit sounded somewhat freaky, I now think it’s downright cool. According to a press release, the exhibit will open on the second floor of Quincy Market, the former location of the Comedy Connection. This “museum-quality exhibition at Faneuil Hall Marketplace” is a first “in the facility’s storied history.” The exhibition, Body Worlds Vital, will celebrate “the potential of the human body in motion” and is expected to open on November 22.

Body Worlds Vital is partnering with The Gold Group who will be managing the exhibition at Quincy Market. Joe Gold, Principal at The Gold Group stated in a release that, “The new exhibition space is not only museum quality, but it is also in one of the most historic locations in the country, Faneuil Hall Marketplace. We can’t wait for opening day and see how Boston embraces this new edu-tainment venue.”

Personally, I think the exhibit sounds like a fascinating collaboration and partnership between donors who volunteered their bodies for science, visitors and anatomists. The exhibit also coincides with a similar Museum of Science “Hall of Human Life” exhibition opening on November 16. So mark your calendars this month for two very interesting, very detailed looks into what lies beneath. Check out the video (below) for a sneak preview of the future Body Worlds exhibit.

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