“Smartinis” flowed at the inaugural Tech on Tap Tuesday night, held in the newly opened “clubhouse for the innovation community,” more formally known as District Hall.

Scott Savitz, managing director of Data Point Capital, and Sarah Hodges, Co-founder of Intelligent.ly and VP of strategy for Smarterer, welcomed Boston’s brightest into the Seaport space to do some schmoozing and boozing without all the formalities that tend to accompany other networking events.

The goal of Tech on Tap was to bring a bunch of smart people together in a room and get them talking. Given how packed District Hall was — teeming with investors, entrepreneurs and employees from WeWork, HubSpot, General Assembly, Promoboxx, Acquia and more — that mission was, indeed, accomplished.

As Savitz said prior to the event, “Anytime we can get enthusiastic entrepreneurs, seasoned operators and passionate investors in the same room, great things are sure to happen.”