Poached Farm Egg and Tournedo of Beef with Goat Cheese Grits & Chipotle Hollandaise at Catalyst
Image via Culinary Colleen

If you’re like me, you often run into the problem of “I’m hungry and I don’t know where to dine out.” Or, “I need to bring a dish to a dinner party but don’t know what to make.” Sure, you can spend hours scouring websites like OpenTable and AllRecipes.com, but they lack personality, photos and are often just downright boring. Instead, I advise you to turn to local food bloggers. The 21 below are some of my personal favorite daily reads, and I check them out for all the latest restaurant dishings, recipe creations and more.

Bianca Garcia, Confessions of a Chocoholic (@biancagarcia) – If you like food, especially chocolate, Bianca’s your girl. She reviews restaurants, and comes up with excellent resource posts like, “Top Five Desserts in Boston and Cambridge.” And of course, she always orders dessert.

David Santori, Frenchie and the Yankee (@frenchieyankee) – David’s blog boasts some of the most beautiful photos of food you will ever lay eyes on. His posts are a visual display of recipes and his many travels. Even if you can’t keep up with his French culinary skills, Frenchie and the Yankee is worth reading for the images alone.

Molly Galler, Pop.Bop.Shop (@mollygaller) – I admire Molly so much because she literally knows everything that’s going on in every part of the city, especially if it involves food or fashion. She’s a vegetarian, so you can count on her restaurant reviews for her herbivorous expertise.

Michelle Zippelli & Jacki Morisi, Just Add Cheese (@Meeshz@jacki_mo) – What is there to say about this fabulous duo that hasn’t already been said? Meesh and Jacki are incredibly tongue-in-cheek with their restaurant reviews, and have series like food porns and “WTF Did I Just Eat?” that will make you laugh out loud. And drool.

Lindsey and Jon, Beantown Eats, (@Beantown_Eats & @BeantownDrinks) – Beantown Eats is a well-organized blog featuring the best restaurants and drinks in Boston. Jon (the “drinks” portion of the blog) also has an arsenal of cocktail recipes for you to get creative with. They’re also both a fun follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Jen, Beantown Baker (@beantownbaker) – Got a sweet tooth and an oven? Check out Jen’s blog for some excellent recipes from the likes of peppermint fudge brownies to frozen strawberry squares to balsamic basil strawberry shortcake.

Elizabeth Ginsburg, Free Food Boston (@FreeFoodBoston) – Elizabeth has recently moved to New York, and while we’re sad to see her go, her blog is a great resource of past visits and reviews. Check out her list of Boston restaurants.

Fiona Coxe, A Boston Food Diary (@BostonFoodDiary) – A mixture of restaurant reviews and recipes, both curated and original. She also blogs about her travels to place like Newport, RI, and Maine.

Meghan Malloy, Travel Wine Dine (@TraveleatloveMM) – Aside from just being an awesome person, Meghan takes beautiful photos of her meals at various restaurants around town. She also has a great wine section for all you aspiring coinsurers out there.

Rachel Leah Blumenthal, Fork It Over, Boston (@blumie) – Fork It Over, Boston is a stream of restaurant reviews and recipes, and I’m a huge fan of her up close and personal photos of her dishes. Rachel also heads up Boston Food Bloggers, a collection of Boston’s foodies and information on foodie events around town.

Tracey Panter, 40-Something Life (@LifeFoodWine) – Tracey has two sections that are great for foodies, Restaurant Talk and the The Foodie in Me. She organizes the sections by neighborhoods and meal types, respectively, so you can easily and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Lisa Johnson, Anali’s First Amendment (@AnaliFirst) – Lisa’s site has great newsy content, keeping you up-to-date on all the latest food events happening in the city. She also shares delicious dessert recipes like Lemon Marmalade Filled Walnut Scones and how to make a great picnic.

William McAdoo, The Boston Foodie (@TheBostonFoodie) – William reviews his dining adventures around town, with plentiful photos so you’re never guessing what the delicious dishes he describes looks like.

Penny Cherubino, BostonZest (@BostonZest) – Penny describes her blog as a “guide for enjoying a full-flavored life in an unbeatable city.” She divides it into easily digestible sections, such as Food Trucks, Sparkling Wine, Farmers’ Markets and more, so you can find exactly what you’re hungry for. Oh, and it has nothing to do with food, but Penny has a whole section dedicated to dogs, with the most adorable photos of pups around the city.

Colleen, Culinary Colleen (@CulinaryColleen) – Another blog that boasts a mixture of recipes and reviews, I like Colleen’s backstory on all of her adventures, from who she cooked for to what conversations went down. It’s almost like you’re right there eating the meal with her… almost.

Erica L., In and Around Town (@InAndAroundTown) – Erica’s photos of her dining adventures at various restaurants are lovely – they’re big and bright and you really feel as if the dish is in front of you. (Meaning, don’t read In and Around Town if you’re hungry).

Amanda Humphrey, Gluten Free Hub (@gfhub) – My former roommate was gluten-free, and I was always on the stakeout for restaurants around town that she could indulge without skipping a beat. Amanda’s blog has been a great resource for finding those dishes as well as posting other gluten-free recipes.

Nicole Spasiano, I Am A Honey Bee (@iamahoneybee) – First of all, is this not the cutest name for a blog, ever? Nicole covers food with an incredible narrative, describing her weekends and travels in meals and plates.

Daisy, Indulge Imbibe Inspire (@Daisy_III) – Daisy’s my kind of girl – she keeps the words to a minimum, letting the photos of her meals speak for themselves. OK, so she does add a word or two about which dishes stand out, what’s the best bang for your buck and more.

Megan Chromik, Delicious Dishings (@DeliciousDish) — “I talk about food so much it drives my friends and family crazy,” Megan writes. That’s OK, Megan, it doesn’t drive us crazy! Keep the amazing photos and reviews coming.

Brian Samuels, A Thought For Food (@ThoughtForFood— Brian has an arsenal of recipes galore, organized by vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free indications. My favorite are his “Silent Sunday” posts, in which he simply posts photos with no words attached, letting the pictures truly speak 1,000 words.

We know these 21 blogs don’t even begin to skim the surface of foodies here in Boston. What blogs do you follow?

Of course, did you really think we’d describe all these delicious blogs without including some photos? Check out some of the most food pornographic snapshots from these 19 bloggers below. And yes, you will probably be hungry after clicking through. Enjoy!