After terrorist attacks in Paris killed at least 127 people last night, a Boston tech entrepreneur quickly put up a fundraising page to help the victims.

With help from founder Nate Drouin, Objective Logistics founder Phil Beauregard put up the fundraiser, which has a $10,000 goal, to go to a charity “without fees and bureaucracy.”

“Boston tech helped heal a tragic event with the marathon bombing, and in the process received amazing international support from our brothers and sisters in the EU. Let’s reciprocate their gifts of friendship and humanity,” Beauregard writes. “Let’s let the world know we all stand united against cowardice and treachery. Most importantly, let’s help those affected by this despicable event with our financial support.”

Dunwello founder Matt Lauzon, whose tweet about American support for Paris went viral last night, is helping the campaign. So far it’s collected a little over $4,000, including two $1,000 gifts–one from an unnamed donor, one from itself.

Here’s where you can donate to support it.

Beauregard talked about the global support Boston received after the 2013 Marathon bombings and how TUGG also raised money for charities with zero overhead. I asked him for more information about the specific charities he’s considering. He said he hasn’t decided yet. “I wanted to make sure that any support was galvanized in the right direction ASAP. So haven’t finalized plans on where it will go as of yet,” he wrote in an email. “We’ll do our diligence and like with the marathon fundraise make sure it goes directly to victims and their families and causes without overhead.”