One of the most awkward parts of a dance party can often be moving your body to music you are unfamiliar with—so why not plug into your personal collection of jams and dance with your headphones on?

This Saturday, the Boston Societies of Spontaneity will be hosting the “Spooky Silent Disco & Pub Crawl,” where attendees get decked out in Halloween garb, show up with an iPod or MP3 player, and listen to the music of their choice while everyone collectively dances in one spot.

“It’s just you and your favorite tracks…surrounded by dozens of others with their own favorite tracks,” according to the group’s website.

Boston SOS founder James Cobalt said the idea came from past events and the group decided to mesh it with a spook-tacular theme this time around.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday so it was the perfect time to do it,” he said. “You don’t have to drink, if you have a costume that’s great, but if all you have is a wig or a funny hat, do it. It’s about meeting people and having a good time.”

Boston SOS, known for their “Midnight Marathon Bike Ride” and the infamous “No Pants Subway Ride,” keep people on their toes with flash mobs and odd urban adventures.

Boston SOS teamed up with’s Social Fun group for this specific event to add an additional twist to the silent dance party— a pub-crawl.

“We are going to go out and hit a few bars, have a 45-minute dance party, and then hit a few more bars,” said Cobalt.

The silent dancing while in costume will take place outside, in between visiting local watering holes in Cambridge, including the Russell House, Charlie’s Kitchen and John Harvard’s Brewery.

Boston SOS said party-goers can dance in the streets while they walk, too.

Currently, 350 people have been invited to attend the event, but Cobalt said it’s difficult to rally the troops around Halloween since there are so many other parties happening in town.

That’s why he is encouraging attendees to pop in with a silly wig or goofy hat whenever they feel comfortable.

“I’m hoping people can just drop into whatever. We all have 20 parties we have been invited to, so I am encouraging people to stop in and dance, or stop into the bars,” said Cobalt. “We are trying to be accommodating so people can attend and leave early enough and get to other obligations.